The MBA Fairs - are the most sought after public events in the cities, which attract lakhs of students who wish to know more about the course details and the MBA to interest with the officials at a more of an informal meet with the people. Many top B-schools of the world and India, both come together, to showcase the best of the courses available at the MBA colleges and thus help the students actually sort out what is going on around. The application directors are in plenty of amounts present around, but however, it is up to the applicants to make a mark upon the directors or not. What are some of the tips which one needs to follow while attending an MBA Fair?

  • Dress up formal

In order to impress your application directors and other important college authorities, you should try your best to be well dressed to make that dashing and crisp first impression.

  • Quick Pitching

If you are caught up for a quick five-ten minute with your dream college director, you would want to pitch your stuff and your résumé in short to them, so as to make a quick and lasting impact. This, your résumé, and your achievements should be on your tips.

  • Have your background research ready

You should already have a set of questions ready for your director’s board, as they should feel that you already know about the things that happen and go around at the university. You wouldn't want to talk about things or ask questions to the directors, the answers to which are already present on the website.

  • Don't ask plain questions.

Don’t go about asking questions that are simple and can be found on Google and on their websites. Prepare well and think out of the box, so as to catch the attention of the director.

  • Mail them

Mail is the most formal method of communicating with your administrators and directors. Thus, you would have to be open and use extra formal words in a setting, in order to make your application stand out.