Getting into an MBA college might be a dream for some, for which students begin to toil hard starting at an early age. Many devote their college years preparing for CAT to clear the entrance exam to get into the top-notch reputed colleges in the country. However, the institutions search for the cream of the students for their MBA programs and can easily get through the course and achieve their dream goals and jobs. However, to err is human. Thus, one should, at all costs avoid all the minor mistakes while filling the MBA application forms, which if avoided, can help you to easily sail through your dream MBA college.

Important points to keep in mind:-

  • Research well about the courses you would want to pursue and spend 4 to 8 weeks researching over the MBA colleges that you would want to enter. You should always keep a check upon the college and the courses it offers you and whether it fits you well or not. Half-baked information about the courses offered by the college and the college itself, can be quite harmful for your career. Thus, you should always spend decent time, researching the college you want to get in
  • Application form mistakes.

The last thing any candidate would want, is the wrong information given out to the college they want to get in. Minor mistakes like entering the wrong name of the school, having spelling errors, etc., can be fatal. Not choosing to answer or providing half-baked answers to the passage questions asked in the form, can drastically affect the candidacy of the applicant. All the parts have equal weightage and determine the chances of your selection. There is a competitive advantage for the ones who have been recommended by higher and well-known authorities. Those who play weak on this spot, lose their chances of making it to the college of their choice, as no one appreciates weak recommendations and doesn't take them seriously as well.

  • Lacking attention to detail

One must always pay attention to the minor details like fixing the typos and factual errors. Many candidates don't double-check the work they submit prior, which can cause discrepancies at a huge level. In this age of burgeoning digital literacy, everybody is online and the main aim of the candidate should be to be able to make their online presence felt strongly. They need to have control over their online platforms, which they have mentioned in their respective college application forms. So make sure to keep your profiles up to date and relatively neat, smooth and appealing formally

  • Understating yourself in your résumé

One of the most important factors is to optimally brag about your accomplishments in your résumé while applying for college. Never let the reviewer hang onto and guess the immediate impact of your task. You need to tell them directly and describe in detail how the accomplishment was important and what you learned from the project and describe how enriching it was.