With time and technology evolving on a regular basis, it has become more than essential for the candidates to prove their worth by appearing for various entrance exams. The entrance exams, are of varying degrees of difficulties, and also are valid for different fields. Not being classified into a particular course of study or branch, there are various entrance exams for the traditional and indigenous career fields- engineering, medical, and management. Each of these fields is said to have begotten high payroll, and secured life in the near future, along with the brand and tag name of the college preferred, stays throughout the career life of the person. However, most of these exams are pretty tough, and demand tons of practice and patience to crack them. Dedication and determination is a big factor as well, which is of utmost importance to the result of the exams. For cracking these exams, students in India and abroad, are trained well before they can actually sit for the test. Starting as early as two years back the D-day of the exam, students undergo rigorous study schedules, which calls for a high amount of dedication and determination. However, curiosity begets the question: Self-study or Coaching institutes?

Although mostly the candidates depend upon coaching institutes for proper guidance and expert presence on board, others tend to rely entirely on self-study. Major exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, GMAT, UPSC, etc… need tons of dedication and perseverance. At the end of the day, all people want is securing a position in the top institutions and earn a good name.
What are the points of difference between coaching institutes and self-study methods? Let's check.

Coaching institute:
Having the biggest advantage and the more obvious one is that having a large network connection of people and students and mentors from varied experience levels will actually give you an edge above the other competitors on the floor. For the sake of the solid foundation of the exams, you should be having a good background and should be adept at time management, which can be attainable by regular tests and mock tests conducted periodically at these coaching institutes. Another added benefit of the coaching institutes is the provision of a proper syllabus and the changes that occur regularly in the respective fields. As the mentors, they would be present at every step, they will be there to help you bail out of complex situations; you will not have to worry about which college or course you would have to choose to get into. Thus, all you have to do is to study meticulously and plan things out with the help of a counsellor or mentor.

It has been noted that most of the entrance exam aspirants, prefer to study at home, by themselves, as they don't want to risk going out to the coaching centres and wasting their time and money. However, the fact they forget with quite an ease is that they don't realize, they miss out on lots of important information that would otherwise be given to them via the coaching institute’s mentors and counsellors. Also, they tend to miss out on the large resources and notes which are available to those who joined a coaching institute. For exams like these, proper guidance and a correct path to be followed along with a routine is absolutely necessary. Thus, the only factor which seems feasible and acceptable is the presence of lots of time on the hand, and cost-effectiveness, as the self-study is free of cost. Also, you can save time on traveling and work more upon your weaker areas- but without any proper guidance. However, planned and well strategized self-study can lead to good and fruitful results.

Finally, the mantra to crack the exams, with good marks, remains in the fact to find a good teacher/mentor, who can guide you properly and in the right direction and keep a check that you don't go astray.