Start preparing for GMAT between October and December. If you are planning to do your MBA maybe next year say 2021 then you should be done with your exams by April or latest May 2020. Yes, at least a year in advance. That means your preparation for GMAT should start 3 to 7 months earlier- that is somewhere between October 2019 to December 2019. That’s 15-19 months before your actual MBA begins.

The time required for arrangement depends upon every person. A few people take only one month to prepare, some may require a half year. The real test is to adjust your activity alongside GMAT arrangement. As a rule, in the event that you burn through 2 continuous hours consistently and somewhat more on the ends of the week, at that point 15 weeks of readiness can land you a good score.

Preferably, the best time to get GMAT out of your way is from the get-go in your profession, state at the age of 22-24.

Taking GMAT at this age would have the accompanying focal points.

High Stamina-Endurance to concentrate as you'd at that age be a recent graduate.

Lower Work Pressure-The weight in your activity would be generally lower, since you would be in beginning times of your vocation. You can hence give more time to study.

Better Focus-since GMAT is out of your way, spend the following years truly exceeding expectations at your workplace. By investing this additional exertion, you would become quicker and have better accomplishments, accordingly expanding your odds of getting a MBA increase. Likewise exceeding expectations at your workplace will permit you to acknowledge whether you really need an MBA or not.

Improved Profile-Spend these years to fortify your profile by doing extracurricular exercises that you love-chipping in, learning music or photography, running marathons. Whatever energizes you and makes you an all-rounder simultaneously.

Opportunity to Choose-Since GMAT is legitimate for a long time you are allowed to apply to your preferred school till the age of 27-29.

So step through your first mock examination in October to evaluate your level.

Better, despite everything, take the GMAT when you are 24 and overlook it for a couple of years!

Taking the GMAT

Take the GMAT by April End

When you believe you are about 80% prepared with your GMAT readiness, fix a test date. This will bring a need to keep moving and will drive your concentrate better. You would prefer not to arrive at a phase where you believe you are prepared and afterward go remiss.

In the week going before the GMAT don't consider whatever else. Simply take one mock test each day, eat food that keeps you fresh and energetic, and build the disposition to sit for a considerable length of time in a test environment.

Taking the GMAT by April will permit you some time for a second attempt to improve your score in the event that you weren't fulfilled the first run through. GMAT requires some break between two attempts so this buffer of one month will assist you with rethinking and get ready better. You would prefer not to invest energy in GMAT in the second 50% of the year when applications open. This can wreck your essays, destroying the MBA application.

All the very best.