Analytical Writing Assessment Scoring:-

Your AWA essay will be evaluated on a 6-point scale. There are two evaluators, one is computer based, called the e-rater, and the other is a human evaluator. The average scores of both the evaluators are taken into account while finalizing the score. For example, if the e-rater gives a 5 and the human evaluator gives a 4, the mean score is 4.5. But if there is a discrepancy of more than one point between the two ratings then a third party, i.e. another human evaluator, is called in and he/she is then asked to independently score the essay. The final score is the average of the two closest scores. For example, if a human evaluator gives a 4 and the e-rater gives a 6, a third human evaluator will be called in, and if he/she gives a 4.5 then the final score will be the average of 4 and 4.5.