The GMAT exam, is a computer-based test that checks upon the various analytical, mental, quantitative, and logical abilities of the candidates who appear for the test. The paper has a lot of students who apply for it every year. The number of students, goes on increasing at a higher rate. The test, helps the students secure an MBA program in top reputed colleges of both India and abroad. Talking about statistics, the exam has about 7000 programs, with 2,300+ graduate business schools accepting it as part of selection criteria for their MBA programs.

There can be many unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances, which can lead to the sudden cancellation or rescheduling of the exam. There is an option for rescheduling the GMAT exam, as it is a complete IBT or Internet-based test. The steps are as:

  • Logging in to you account
  • Selecting the GMAT exam you want to schedule
  • Fixing the new appointment date
  • Review the selected new date
  • Confirmation of the new selected date
  • Agreeing to the Central Board of GMAC policies
  • Paying the rescheduled fee of the GMAT

If you would want to cancel your GMAT exam, then the steps for the same are:

  • Login to your official account
  • Select the GMAT exam you want to refix
  • Cancel your GMAT exam.

What are the respective rescheduling and cancellation fees of the GMAT exam?

The rescheduling fee, according to the revised score is $50- 60+ days before the scheduled exam, $100- 15-60 days in mid of the exam, and $150- 1-14 before the actual exam date (Note:- These fees are subject to change).

The cancellation fee charges are as follows:-

Previously, there was a provision of an $80 refund, if a candidate would cancel the GMAT exam at least 7 days before the appointment. However now, there is no refund available at all.

The new revised criteria is as follows:-

$150 - 60+ days before the exam date, with $100 refund

$175- 15-60 days between the exam date, with $75 refund

$200- 1-14 days prior to engagement, with a $50 refund.