Using the words "GMAT preparation" and "procrastination" in a single sentence itself feels like the world's biggest conspiracy, because these two never goes along well together.

This article particularly concerns with the two different objectives:-how to focus on GMAT preparation and how to overcome procrastination. But aren’t these the two sides of a single coin? You can never excel in any of your endeavors, let alone the GMAT preparation, with 'Procrastination' by your side.

So if you are asking yourself this question:"How to focus on GMAT?" The answer is simple:"OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION!!"

What really is procrastination? Let me help you get the idea in a simpler way. It looks something like this:"I don't feel like doing it.", "I am not in the right mood." It has nothing to do with your time management.

Because, if the time is not right for you now, it never will be. Procrastination brings with itself a numerous other obstacles that just does not add up to constituting the right mindset for studying. Procrastination brings with itself the self-destructive emotion of 'guilt'. Sometimes you just assume that you are procrastinating but that could be mind preparing itself for the intake. Derek Thompson in his article 'The Atlantic' said, "Productive people sometimes confuse the difference between reasonable delay and true procrastination. The former can be useful. The latter is, by definition, self-defeating." The said "reasonable delay" looks something like- When you ponder over the topics or subjects you are going to cover in the stipulated time.

But this could convert into "Procrastination" if this pondering goes for long and you end up saying "not today". Recognize the differences first.  This could build up to the GMAT Procrastination Doom Loop.

"An episode of 'Friends' would freshen up my mind and then I will start preparing seriously for the GMAT." After completing 6 episodes. "Oh!! I wasted my time on 6 episodes; I don’t think I will be able to study today. Let me take one-hour power nap and then I will start to prepare." After four hour nap, "Gosh!! I slept heavily and now my body aches. I am hungry, I will eat something first." And then you spend another one hour deciding over what you will eat. Does this sound familiar? When you start doing this you are stuck in a loop which was just mentioned - GMAT Preparation Procrastination Doom Loop, to be specific.

The easiest way to overcome this would be take small steps. Don’t prepare for a 6 hour long study session. the very thought of it would itself make you sick. Take small steps.

Prepare and motivate your mind to do the work with enthusiasm. Study and research about GMAT (you can refer to QDS Pro blogs, we take plenty of our time to have structurally prepared for you to properly understand the GMAT format and requirements, both mentally and physically). Remind yourself what it took to get you where you are and what a long journey you have to undertake. When you take a small step your brain is not burdened with the heavy plans. You can use Kevin Systrom's 5-minute rule.  Tell yourself that you will be done in a few minutes. You just have to trick yourself into getting started and most of your work will be done. Don’t think yourself as a big-time procrastinator.

If you will think of yourself as one, you will behave as one. Once you’ve set off with your preparation it is quite natural that you will urge going back to procrastination. You can schedule some 'procrastinating time' for yourself. Take time out of your non-GMAT preparation hours and devote it to some physical activities that will refresh your mind, and by this I don’t mean you to start binging on Netflix. Frame out a schedule for your GMAT preparation eventually and involve your friends in these. It will help you to stick to the schedule. And be consistent in it.

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