The best way to reach out and make your MBA profile stand out as compared to others is not an entirely unachievable task. The first step you need to take forth is to have a strong research game point regarding the top schools you are aiming for. The ones which you are looking forward to should fit your future career prospects well and should merge in with your career decisions. The GMAT score or the CAT score should be aced well by you. Having a weak score minimizes all the possibilities of you getting through a good and a standardized B-school. When applying for the top-tiered schools, you should keep a check on improving upon your verbal ability skills, as it would be a great boost for you. This would help you gain an edge over your competitors if the committee finds that your English speaking and writing skills are a level above the others. If you aim to go abroad and connect with the big B-schools like Stanford and Harvard, you should have massive skills and should also display exceptional leadership qualities. Laying your hands in a megaproject would be an added benefit, as it would improve your chances of getting into reputed colleges. We cannot emphasize more upon the fact that you should work more and more to polish your speaking and listening skills. Communication is always the key.

How to impress the admissions committee?

Well to impress the admissions committee, you must be able to put yourself in their shoes, and think like them. Think about all the possible attributes and things that they’re looking for in a candidate. When you start thinking more along these lines, you can get it all sorted.


  • Build your résumé

Building an appropriate resume will help clarity step in and thus, help increase your chances further.

  • Prioritize the events and accomplishments you have achieved

You should emphasize more upon the work you have accomplished and mention it in clear pointers, which can be located and acknowledged by the committee.

  • Always prefer having a short resume

Nobody would want to skim through lengthy papers, which sort of sounds like an informal letter to your friend. Always elaborate more about your tasks and accomplishments, but try and restrict it to a single page.


  • Don't be comprehensive or bulk in your way of answering

Always provide the facts and figures while you speak about your persistent leadership qualities and further achievements. Having facts and solid numbers makes it easier to notice and gives a clear idea.

  • Don't be plain while mentioning your job description

Always tend to showcase your résumé skills in a manner that seems eye-catching and important. If you write the skills and experience just in a plain and bland manner, it won't evoke any interest in the admissions committee.

  • Don't skip through the MBA essay answers

Always remember to write well-scripted answers in proper order and format, which are eye-catchy. Don't go for weak answers which are plain and not worthy enough to be noticed. Always be exhaustive and research well.