Having CAT scores which are less than 99 percentile clubs, have very rare chances, for a person to get calls for the top coveted IIMs. After putting in almost a year of preparations into the CAT coaching and entrance exam preparation, one obviously expects the preparation to bear fruit. But what about those, who have already spent a considerable amount of time preparing for the CAT exam to get a great CAT score? Will the percentile below 99 go to waste? Well, no.

Having prepared for the CAT exam, you already must be knowing the basics well of the GMAT exam. GMAT has added benefits over the CAT exam, as it can be given all over the year. While CAT is restricted more to the nation of India, GMAT scores are acceptable worldwide. As we know, the admissions to the MBA schools via CAT is tough, one can always use GMAT as a gateway, to get good scholarships, from all around the globe. While CAT takes, a bulky preparation time period of 8-9 months at the minimum, the GMAT exam can be prepped up within 2-3 months of studies only. Also, the percentile score of 90+ is considered great on the GMAT exam. The GMAT also focusses on the ability of the candidates rather than the basic test-taking skills. The best part of GMAT is that you can have a valid score for 5 years. Having a score depending upon the quality of correct answers you give during your GMAT exam, the test is said to be adaptive.

One should be well aware of the basic similarities and the differences between the CAT and the GMAT, so that one can perform well on the GMAT exam, using the skills and knowledge acquired during the CAT exam preparation.