Though the expenses of top MiM programs is less than the MBA programmes, but it still amounts as a significant investment in your education and professional future. MiM Scholarships help you to reduce the financial burden that comes along with pursuing an MiM degree from any of the top business schools.

The different types of MiM scholarships available are:

  • Merit-Based      Scholarships
  • Need-Based      Scholarships
  • Regional      Scholarships
  • Diversity      Based Scholarships
  • Scholarships      provided by 3rd party and other Philanthropic or government organizations

Merit-based scholarships are available for the students who have shown outstanding academic or personal achievement. Merit is generally determined through test scores as well as the ability to contribute to the MiM program through the application as well as interview feedback.

Some Merit based Scholarships are: MiM merit Scholarship at London Business School, HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarship which covers partial or full tuition cost, Essec Academic Excellence Scholarship which covers up to 40% of total fees. Financial need-based scholarships on the other hand, are awarded to students who show demonstrated financial need.

These scholarships can be traced as INSEAD Financial fellowship, IVEY Financial Need Awards etc.  Region based Scholarships are the next category. These scholarships are awarded to academically exceptional students belonging to a specific region or nation. Next MiM Scholarship is based on diversity. Diversity based scholarships are offered to candidates who bring diversity to the class in terms of background, work experience, and personal profiles. The MiM Scholarships by Third party, government and philanthropic organizations help students pursuing MiM or other business masters programs at institutions abroad.

The MiM Program webpage itself is very helpful. The MiM program website has a dedicated section about scholarship information along with other relevant information such as tuition fees and living expenses you may incur during the program. Overview of these Scholarships at some top Business colleges is as such:

London Business School:

Their MiM program has consistently been generally favoured by understudies meaning to seek after such a program. According to the money related occasions positioning for the year 2017, LBS holds the fourth situation for its MIM program. MIM Merit grants here are offered to all up-and-comers who have tied down an admission to this program. A capacity to add to the program and scholarly legitimacy will be considered as an additional favourable position while thinking about the correct up-and-comer. The sum that is accessible under this grant is £ 8,000. MIM Merit grants for ladies are with a view to urging ladies to apply for the program, this grant has been initiated for praiseworthy female competitors. Different honours of measures of up to £ 8,000 are accessible for qualified applicants.

HEC, Paris:

One of the perspectives that work in the kindness of the school is its solid program, area and a high pace of position in the budgetary and counselling segments. Offering an 18-month program, this program gives a great portal to the Grand Ecole program. Positioned number two according to the budgetary occasions positioning of 2018, this program furnishes pragmatic administration aptitudes alongside sound proficient ability. Eifel Excellence Scholarships: This grant was set up with the expectation of drawing in the best ability from rising nations for an ace's program in France. All competitors took on the ace's program become qualified for such a grant. This bears a month to month recompense of € 1,181 every month separated from one universal return excursion and government managed savings spread. HEC establishment greatness grants: Candidates with a non-French four year certification and those that show remarkable ability will be considered for this grant. The grant so given can be utilized towards the education costs.

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