The most important part crucial for the admissions to your dream MBA colleges, are letters of recommendation, signed by authorities which are important and are important to determine your admissions to the dream colleges whichever you prefer. The main function of a LOR is to add a perfect validation to your present résumé, which can catch the queer eye of the ones who are screening through your work. Sure, you would be mentioning your capacities and capabilities as a next, on your résumé and applications, but it would be an added icing on the cake if someone else too would be there to validate your work and achievements. The next big question includes who to choose as a recommender. You should aim to choose those who are solid in experience and in the seniority list. Preferably, you would want to go with someone who is at a higher authority than you and has a decent and valid hold upon the work you have done in the past. All of this increases the chances of consideration of your application, put forth. Recommended ones would include a person who is at a current managerial level and who has apt writing skills and can communicate his/her thoughts pretty quickly and effectively.

What are the characteristics that should be included as a must in your LOR?

Technical abilities

You should make it a point to not forget to mention your technical abilities and qualities on your application list. These mentions prove that you are fit for surging in a corporate environment and can fit in well there. Plus, when evaluated and confirmed by a recommended person, then this can be taken a notch above and can be taken into vast consideration as well.

Analytical and Decision-making expertise

The mention of your current decision making and analytical skills should be placed on top of the skillset because as a manager, you would be required to possess these skills, which would be important for your future endeavours in the corporate world. These when validated by either your previous boss or your current manager, will be a cherry on top, which can be immensely useful for your career's growth chart.

Time management skills

The skills which are the most important and play a crucial role in your entry to your dream B-school, in the presence of time management skills. If you are good at multi-tasking and if you have managed time we'll in your previous job positions, you would be the first and chosen priority for the position you're vying for. This is a major factor, which should not be overlooked and should be kept in mind.

Team management

The basic foundation of a company's path to success lies in the core team which it possesses. If it is mentioned in your application that you have the ability to foster a team and conduct and manage it well with ease, it shoots up your chances for being selected in every corporate world and office, it becomes an absolute essential that you should be able to handle the team and work as a leader to help hack the company's growth in a well-crafted manner.

Adaptation to a new environment

The ability to work alone or with a team and still function well in both similar work environments is a big challenge that most companies look forward to. Having a LOR stating the same and with added and valid confirmation from the recommender, it can help you step closer to your dream college, as management is all about adaptability.