At times when people are grasping their way forth to make a mark in the career field, many people, mostly with the engineering background, choose to study MBA. They wish to pursue an MBA as a degree, in order to be the best in their respective fields, and thus have a good and lucrative corporate job opportunity. But since there are many exams, and degrees, which can help the students get their dream job, why only choose MBA? Or any other degree to help you move forward towards your dream job?

Here in this article, we move forward with MS vs. MBA as a career prospect.


MBA is an essential degree in business administration. If you feel that the scope for you is wide open to business management and entrepreneurship, then MBA can be the option for you. With new domains coming up on MBA, such as- banking and finance, it is mostly the most sort after choice for all the candidates. For the admissions to the various colleges, especially the top IIMs, you would need to clear the CAT, GMAT, SNAP, MAT, XAT amongst other, exams to sail through and get the admissions to the various preferred colleges. Having a more holistic approach and a pretty wide scope, one can get the option to change the specific area of specialization as per your choices evolve or grow. The various specializations you would be needing for an MBA degree, include the very basic- business analytics, Finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, media management amongst others. Having the average starting salary, however is much better as compared to the usual MS graduates, as you would be having a more generalized and wider approach to the domains covered during the course duration. As far as the acceptability rates are concerned, having being acceptable as an MBA is more possible as compared to an MS pursuing student, as you would be eligible for various different companies and industries and not just restricted to one of them.


More like a restricted path of career choice awaits those who want to pursue MS as their career option. Those who have studied engineering, and want to go ahead on that oath, they stick to MS as the opportunities for them would be better available for them in this field. Something like a single specialty. Having a minimum of 50% aggregation of marks in your undergrad, and clearing the GRE and having an accomplished score in GRE would be better. Having already said before, as MS is more of a restricting to one subject choice field, one would need to be within a specific area, during the study of the course. Either it can be business or science.

The career domains in MS include Computer science engineering, statistics, marketing, biomedical engineering, etc. Acceptability for MS graduates isn't a great option anymore as it is more restricted to a given field only.