Most of the leading coaching classes are only concerned with the commercial part of it; they are not really concerned about the students or their preparation. They take no personal interest in keeping record of students' academic progress or mental burden.

It is scientifically proven that almost 80-90% of the students preparing for competitive exams suffer from anxiety, depression sand some sort of mental illness. For students like these the pressure from the coaching classes can be excessive pushing them further away from their studies. They need to be motivated from time to time.

But here at QDS Pro we not only look after the academic records of our students but also their mental health. We know, students' motivation both regularly and normally has to do with their longing to take an interest in the learning procedure. Motivation mirrors the reasons or objectives that underlie their contribution or non association in scholarly exercises (Lumsden, 1994).

More noteworthy activity, tirelessness, and self-control are expected to take courses in the online condition than in the customary homeroom (Mandernach, et al., 2006). An understudy who is characteristically persuaded attempts an action "for the good of its own, for the delight it gives, the learning it grants, or the sentiments of achievement it inspires. On the other hand, an extraneously roused understudy performs and endeavours to succeed "so as to get some reward or keep away from some discipline outside to the action itself, for example, evaluations or educator endorsement (Lepper, 1988, p. 290). For instance, a few understudies are spurred more by the objective of the endorsement than the instruction; some might be inspired by the advancement that follows the authentication; still others by the renown according to their loved ones. In spite of the fact that understudies might be similarly roused to play out an errand, the wellsprings of their motivation may vary. As instructors we should discover these distinctions and, in this way, the varying inspirations. Motivation affects understudies' learning and conduct.

In the first place, motivation coordinates conduct toward specific objectives. Motivation decides the particular objectives toward which individuals endeavour; hence, it influences the decisions understudies make. For instance, regardless of whether to take a crack at a workmanship class or material science, whether to go to a school b-ball game during the week or complete a task that is expected the following day.

Motivation likewise prompts expanded exertion and vitality. Motivation decides if an understudy will seek after an assignment (even a troublesome one) with excitement or a dull disposition. Motivation builds the inception and diligence of exercises. Motivation will build understudies' time on task and is likewise a significant factor influencing their learning and accomplishment.

Keeping all these in mind QDS Pro holds motivational students for their each student. We take care that the study materials are designed more from the perspective of students and not faculty members. We do not hesitate on scheduling doubt solving sessions. We try to keep our sessions as light as possible for a day. We make sure they are motivated for each session that they are going to attend.

We even have career counselling facilities for our students. Students are encouraged to drop in at any of our centres for a free counselling session ranging from academic advice to motivational advice. To make sure of that we have QDS pro has small batch sizes in comparison to other coaching classes, to make the sessions as effective and efficient as possible. We ensure that the students are subject to personalized attention.

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