MBA is the most sought after course, comes with a wide variety of options and course availability choices offered to the candidates. Having secured your MBA degree from a particular college of your choice is more like a dream come true. The college experience of obtaining an MBA degree is nothing short of having a scrumptious college experience. You might be having the zeal to explore the plethora of opportunities placed before you, but getting into the colleges and next thing- choosing the right option for the plan with your MBA course is a tough call to make. Yes, this will be a major step and an approach towards your B-school experience.

Let us have a walkthrough as to contemplate on the fact, that which of the following options works out better for you.

One year vs. Two year degree courses:

Both the courses offer a similar outcome at the end of the day- an MBA degree. However, the main pointer is that, while an MBA degree with a one year course, does everything in a packed manner and in a stuffed phase, the two-year degree promises to provide a more elaborate and extensive experience while the student learns during the time period of the study at the college.

  • Academic functionalities: For a two-year program, the background of the students can be diverse from any field of educational background. It is really essential for the students to have a comprehensive approach towards the experience they have at the B-school.

However, at the one year program, the curriculum needs to be sharper and way more rigid, with the students having a strong background in mathematics or economics. It is so, because, the time period is very less and stipulated. Thus, needing to be less diverse and better

  • Prior Work experience: for the students enrolled in a two-year program, there are legit brownie points provided to the ones who have a solid work experience of 4-5 years, however, freshers who showcase exceptional leadership and managerial skills are also welcome. However, as in the case of accelerated MBA course of one year, very little acknowledgment is given in the course duration of 12 months, thus welcoming no freshers into the scenario.
  • Charted out basic career goals: the career goals which want to be followed by the two-year degree students of the MBA, are exhaustive. They have a compulsive period of two wholesome years to decide for the path they wish to tread on finally- whether they want to kick start their career on a relatively new note, or whether they want to continue the same way, with some improvisation. However in the case of the one-year programs, the students don't get time to decide upon and finalize the specialization. They have to be pretty clear-minded about the decision of their end goal.
  • Internships and Job placement opportunities: The internship and job opportunities are vast and included in the case of the two year MBA program, as there is a wide time span available.

In the case of the one year program, there isn't any time left for the internships to happen and also, the job opportunities are comparatively limited in the country and abroad. The placement takes place very quickly, because there isn't much time left for the job placements, towards the end of the coursework year.

Not taking particular sides of a specific program, the candidates should be clear upon which path to tread and what they expect from their outcomes of obtaining the MBA degree. Thus, it becomes essential and important to have a good and thorough research of the same.