Having a resume, is the most important and the first component of the application which gets forwarded to the admissions committee of the applied college/school. A resume speaks volumes about your accomplishments in your professional field and the work you have achieved and the tasks completed by you throughout your course of education and work experience. Essentially, your résumé should be able to express vividly about your high-end leadership skills and qualifications.

Almost 20% of the weightage is given to your résumé, which is very pivotal for the selection process into the best B-schools. However, this percentage varies, in accordance with the different MBA programs one enrols in. It can be 24% of the weightage for MBA executive programs.

What are the basic tips to help your résumé build up and stand out?

  • Avoid technical glitches.

Having people come from all the different fields of studies and educational background, one must at all costs avoid the excessive usage of acronyms which might not be understood by the admissions committee. So to avoid the technical glitches is the most advisable component

  • Make your résumé succinct and watch-worthy.

Having longer resumes can only add to the pain of going through huge regularly written exhaustive details. The admissions committee takes about 15 minutes per resume and if it is longer than a page, they would lose the interest and enthusiasm to read further.

  • Emphasize your achievements and skills.

Having explicitly written about your accomplishments can be an added perk, as it would increase your chances of a good B-school. The leadership skills should be well highlighted, as securing a position in an MBA institute, is all about having good leadership and managerial skills. Thus, subtly mention and highlight the work done by you during your college life and work.

  • Add your extracurricular activities as well.

In order to distinguish yourself from the rest of the applicants, it becomes absolutely necessary to have achievements other than your academics. You would need to have an edge above others and show that you can multitask and can juggle studies, sports and other work as well.