1. Most of these leading MBA Entrance Exams Coaching Classes are only concerned with the commercial part of it, they are not really concerned about the students or their preparation, they take no personal interest in tracking the progress of the students.
  2. Even if they have sufficient reasons to believe that a student will not be able to crack a particular entrance exam, they will still make the student falsely believe that he will be able to do so, with the help of their coaching class, compelling the student to pay the fees. Later, the student realizes that he wasted his money, time and efforts on something that was not meant for him.
  3. They make tall claims, but never deliver.
  4. Most of these coaching classes design their own study material. This study material is designed more so from the perspective of the faculties than from the perspective of the students. It is designed in such a manner so as to make the job of the faculty easy to teach the topic, to solve easy sums and to somehow get done with the topic. Their customized study material in no way reflects the difficulty level of the actual paper. No coaching class is willing to solve popular author books and publications with the students because it commands more efforts from their end. Because of this, the students are ill-prepared for the paper and then there are plenty of surprises awaiting them on the day of the test.
  5. They are reluctant to schedule doubt solving sessions for the students. Even if they do, they schedule one session of say about 2 hours and invite all the students for the same session, which would mean hardly one or two doubts of each student getting cleared. As a result of this, the doubts of the students keep on getting accumulated right up to the day of the test, they then go for the paper without getting their doubts solved, these are the questions that turn up being asked in the paper.
  6. Most of these coaching classes are run by visiting faculties. These visiting faculties are paid on an hourly basis, so they have no incentive to sit back and solve difficult doubts of the students; they prefer teaching the same topic to another batch of students and making the same sum of money rather than banging their heads over difficult doubts of the students. They aren't even concerned about the reputation of the coaching class for obvious reasons.
  7. They do not provide proper counseling to the students, nor do they create a personalized study plan for the students, keeping the requirements of the students in mind.
  8. At most of these coaching classes, there are 20 - 25 students scrambled in a batch, because of which the students hesitate to ask doubts in the middle of the class, thinking about what their batch mates would think of them or their doubts.
  9. They have a very commercial type of a setup, it is not a friendly atmosphere. Visiting the class everyday becomes a monotonous activity for the student, with no inner motivation.
  10. The mock tests are not reviewed from time to time. In most cases, mock tests are not reviewed only. They just provide the mock tests for the sake of providing them. They do not personally track the progress of the students.

Note:- None of the above - mentioned malpractices are followed at QDS Pro Coaching Classes, which is a one-of-its-kind coaching class for MBA Entrance Exams in Mumbai.