CAT being one of the tough competitive examination being held in India, it really becomes difficult for any student to get into their desired college. It comes with a great challenge for any student appearing for CAT, like challenging his skills to solve complex questions with the most accurate answer within a specific time limit. Once a student clears this exam, success will reach a new height. You will not only get the chance to go into your dream college but also have a bright future with your dream job. This will happen only when you clear this competitive examination.

One of the most important things that every CAT aspirant shall always keep in mind is that apart from studying concepts and solving problems, it is always preferable to practice as many as sample questions possible, which come with a series of mock tests. Now even if you have enrolled yourself into a CAT coaching center or you have decided to prepare on your own, you can definitely get access to online mock tests conducted by various websites which are free of cost. Mock tests are regarded as one the most powerful tools that every CAT aspirant shall take before taking actual CAT exam, which is usually conducted during November every year.

Let’s come to the point as to why these series of mock tests are important. When a student appears for a mock test he/she will be well-versed with the pattern that has been followed, the time limit that each section requires and the time that you take to solve these questions, also these tests will help you identify what is your strength and what is your weakness. Once you figure out your weakness, you can practice more and more and get ready for the actual test. When you are appearing for CAT you should keep in mind that, your business school would expect you to have great management skills. These mock tests are a stepping stone where you learn about management skills.

The next important thing that you need to keep in mind is that, even if you are appearing for a mock test, attend it in the same way that you would do on the actual day of CAT examination. Don’t use any type of book or internet for your help. Test yourself and know your standard even if you do not do well that’s okay, you have the time to make yourself better. Set the timer set the clock stay away from all sorts of disturbances and attend it seriously. These tests will help you to know where do you actually stand and how much more effort do you need to put in order to get yourself into the top rank.

There are some of the websites that provide free mock tests online.

  • BYJU’S: BYJU’S Free CAT Mock Test Series, this is one of the top most student friendly learning app, which has come up with a series of online mock tests for CAT, free of cost. Mock tests are the replica of the actual test that you would be attending.
  • Bulls Eye: CAT is also known for its difficulty level. So this test series has been designed by the experts which comes in two fold: Bull CAT which contains all the simpler questions and Challenger CAT which has all the tough and higher difficulty level questions.
  • Career Launcher: This is also India’s one of the top most coaching center for CAT. It’s completely okay if you have not registered yourself with the coaching center. They have come up with a series of online mock test completely free where you can test yourself for your better performances.
  • Cracku: This is also one of the most user friendly websites, which comes with a series of free online mock tests. They also have past year papers.
  • SIMCAT: This series of mock tests has been launched by IMS, by providing one free test per user.