CAT (Common Admission Test) is the head all India the board placement test directed by IIMs. A year ago 2, 04,267 understudies vied for 1550+ seats making it the most serious test in the nation. The IIMs are the chief administration organizations in India built up by a demonstration of Parliament. These organizations additionally give consultancy and research benefits in different business and the board universally. The applicant must fulfil the beneath indicated criteria: Hold a four year certification, with no under half or equivalent CGPA (45% for Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Persons with Disability (PWD)/Differently Able (DA) classification). The degree must be meant to allow by any of the colleges combined by a demonstration of the focal or state legal body in India or other educational associations developed by a demonstration of Parliament or articulated to be considered as a college under the Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956, or have a apt qualification perceived by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India. Contenders showing up for the last year of four year certification/equal qualification assessment and the people who have completed degree requirements and are foreseeing results can in like manner apply. Whenever chose, such candidates will be allowed to join the program incidentally, just on the off chance that they present a certificate latest by June 30, 2020, from the head/recorder of their school/organization (gave at the most recent June 30, 2020) communicating that the contender has completed all of the requirements for procuring four-year or three-year school education/indistinguishable capacity on the date of the acceptance of the certificate.

The CAT assessment is separated into three segments:

1.       Quantitative Aptitude

·         Math

·         Variable based math

·         Geometry

·         Business Mathematics

·         Incidental

·         Information Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

·         Consistent Reasoning

·         Information Interpretation, Sufficiency

2.       Verbal Ability

·         Understanding Comprehension

·         Verbal Logic

·         Jargon

·         Language Correction

The Quantitative Aptitude segment involves central science, in view of 10 + 2 trouble level. Issues are found to show up from different points like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Commercial Mathematics (Word Problems). The inquiries are to a great extent dependent on application of science to take care of continuous issues. The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning area contains questions which are asked dependent on the given information. The information given can be in the form of diagrams, graphs, tables and passages. Information Interpretation problems put on test, the applicant's comprehension of the information and the capacity to take care of issues precisely. Consistent Reasoning inquiries check the applicant's capacity to ratiocinate and assess issues. The Verbal Ability segment includes inquiries on perception and use of Standard English language structure. Verbal Logic addresses test the competitor's information on masterminding passages in a legitimate request, deciding the sort of proclamations, finishing the sections in a fitting way. When all is said in done, it is discovered that all the areas share an equivalent load aside from CAT 2008 and CAT 2004 papers, which have a higher level of Verbal Ability issues. It must be noticed that the CAT doesn't predefine a particular sections or substance whereupon questions can happen. In any case, any intricate term would be all around characterized, if the issue requires such information.  All in all, every right answer increases 4 imprints though every off-base answer brings about one negative imprint. Applicants must tie down a base imprint in each segment to meet all requirements for that segment and in the long run for the CAT. The base imprints required to qualify fluctuates upon the relative trouble level of that area contrasted with different segments of the test. Sectional shorts differ for the most part based on the exhibition that shows up for the test in that year. A competitor should likewise make sure about a base all out cut off for the whole paper to acquire GD/PI calls from IIMs. It has been seen that distinctive IIMs utilize diverse shorts to offer calls to chosen up-and-comers.

Applicants who secure the sectional shorts just as the general shorts in the composed test are called for GD/PI by IIMs. This is a definitive advance of the choice procedure. Aside from the IIMs, some different establishments likewise offer admission to their postgraduate courses of business and the executives based on an up-and-comer's CAT score.