QDS Pro Coaching Classes is undoubtedly the Best Coaching Class for GMAT Exam in Mumbai for the following reasons:-

1. Unlimited Access to 24 x 7 Online Doubt Solving Platform:-

QDS Pro is the only coaching class in India that provides ‘Unlimited 24 x 7 Online Doubt Solving Services’ to all of its students. It has developed an in-house mobile app by the name ‘QDS Pro’, which is available on both - Android and IOS. The students are free to post a doubt on the platform at any hour of the night and can expect quick and elaborate solutions. They have tied up with experts across leading coaching institutes who would be solving your doubts. It takes no more than 15 seconds to post any doubt. In addition, you get access to plenty of other features like Notepad, Utilities, Study Material, Doubts History, Opportunity to Rate Solutions, etc… (No more running behind faculties to get your doubts solved).

2. Small Batch Sizes:-

At QDS Pro, the batch size of students preparing for a particular entrance exam is restricted to 4 – 5 students, unlike other typical coaching classes that have 20 – 25 students in a batch. The faculties at QDS Pro maintain a very personalized relation and ensure personalized attention to each and every student. It is a very familiar experience in a small batch and the students don’t hesitate from asking doubts. They are made to feel very comfortable.

3. No Visiting Faculties:-

All the classes at QDS Pro are conducted by the owners themselves, who put in their heart and soul into the preparation of all the students. It is unlike other coaching classes, where there are uninterested visiting faculties coming, teaching and leaving, mostly reluctant to solve the doubts of the students and unwilling to advance the preparation of the students beyond the conceptual level.

4. 125+ Hours of Rigorous Classroom Training:-

There is no upper cap on the number of hours that you will be trained at QDS Pro. At QDS Pro, they keep on coaching students till the time the students themselves feel confident that they are adequately prepared for their exams and their mock tests sttart reflecting those kinds of scores. If you do not get your desired score in the first attempt, no worries, you may return back to QDS Pro for your second attempt absolutely free.

Unlike other coaching classes that restrict the preparation of the students to their own restrictive study material, QDS Pro coaches students from ‘Popular Author Books’. The study material offered by most other coaching classes is comprehensive but it is at a very conceptual level. It does not match up to the difficulty of the actual papers. It makes you feel that you are prepared but when you actually sit for the exams, is the time when you realize that you are not adequately prepared. On the other hand, QDS Pro makes you undergo rigorous preparation from thick author books, in addition to their own well-designed study material. QDS Pro covers the following study material as a part of your GMAT Prep:-

  1. GMAT Official Guide
  2. GMAT Quantitative Review
  3. GMAT Verbal Review
  4. Manhattan Review
  5. Manhattan Prep Guides
  6. Veritas Prep Guides
  7. Kaplan GMAT
  8. QDS Pro Study Material

QDS Pro owners personally ensure that all the study material that is available in the market for GMAT Prep is exhausted by all of their GMAT students.

6. Mock Tests Review:-

Mock Test Review sessions are conducted for every mock test taken by every student. QDS Pro Team takes personal interest in the preparation of their students, tracking the progress of the student every now and then.

7. Ratings and Reviews:-

The ratings and reviews given by QDS Pro alumni speak for themselves. QDS Pro Coaching Classes is the only coaching class that delivers on all of its promises.