Young faculties should be preferred over experienced faculties for the following reasons:-

1.More Passion:-

Young faculties show more passion than old faculties in teaching students. Young faculties are more energetic and show great enthusiasm in teaching students.

2. More Clarity:-

Young faculties have more clarity about the entrance exams that they are coaching students for. They are more informed about the ongoing trends in the different entrance exams.

3. Personal Touch:-

Young faculties give a personal touch to the preparation of the students, as opposed to older faculties who have a more professional approach. Young faculties can easily adopt to the requirements of the students. They place themselves in the shoes of the students and then plan accordingly. The students also feel much more comfortable communicating their doubts or the problems they are facing, because the age barrier is eliminated. The young faculties are more adaptive to the requirements of the students.

4. Modern Equipment:-

Young faculties are more aware about the latest technological innovations in the education sector and they can use them to enhance the preparation of the students. They use a perfect combination of traditional and modern training equipment to ensure rigorous preparation of the students.

5. Quality over Money:-

Unlike older experienced faculties, young faculties don't shoulder too many responsibilities. That is why, they emphasize more on the quality than on the commercial part of coaching. The young faculties are more customer-oriented in their approach. They try to ensure complete satisfaction of their customers.